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About Newton County

Newton County has miles and miles of fabulous hiking trails.
To order an Excellent book; Buffalo River Hiking Trails by
Tim Ernst call 1-800-838-HIKE Cloudland.Net
For the experienced spelunker there are many wild caves in Newton County
For those not so experienced call Mystic Caverns 870-743-1739 or
Hurricane River Cave 1-800-245-2282 for guided cave tours.
The Buffalo River has 52 species of fish, the most prominent are smallmouth bass, largemouth, spotted bass, catfish, goggle-eye bass, and a variety of panfish. For an Arkansas license call 1-800-364-4263. For trout fishing it is just a short drive to the White River.
Contact the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at 501-223-6400
Rimrock Cove at 870-553-2556 or Email Us at rimrockcove@eritter.net
Buffalo River Camping & Canoeing 870-439-2888
Lost Valley Canoe Rental – 870-861-5522
Buffalo River Canoeing – 870-446-2644
Riverview Canoe Rental – 870-446-2616
Gordon’s Canoe Rental – 870-446-5252
Buffalo River Outfitters (Lower Buffalo) 870-439-2200 or 870-439-2244

Challenge these mountains! Mountain Bikes are allowed on all roads open to motor vehicles.
There are no public pools in Newton County but everyone around here prefers
to swim in the beautiful swimming holes located all along the Buffalo National River.
You will see many of the 250 different species of birds that live in Newton County right from the deck and yard at Morwood House.
Wildflowers bloom in the area from late March through the first frost.
The Annual Dogwood Tour in Jasper is in held on the 3rd Friday of April.
There are many great climbing places in the area. The most popular being Sam’s Throne.
For information on rock climbing call The Pack Rat at 501-521-6340 and ask for good places to go in Newton County, Arkansas.
For additional information on the above activities check out the Chamber of Commerce website at Newton County Chamber of Commerce

To book, call 870-446-6223 or 870-446-2810 or email morwoodhouse@cabinsintheozarks.com
Newton County is a DRY County where no alcoholic beverages are sold